Ancient Codes Reveal Secret of Health, COVID Immunity and Perpetual Youth at Any Age

“And now I give you a new commandment – love one another”: John 13-34

These revealing words at first glance seem noble and straight forward. But, on deeper reflection, they raise compelling questions. Such as: why need of a new commandment given we already have Ten Commandments unto Moses – Moses meaning, you/me as moral man. In grasping ‘new commandment’ understanding, a fact of human life needs to be considered esoterically: that, we each come in to this world spiritually inactive, spiritually asleep in mortal bodies with mortal minds. Spreekillers

This article will decode the term ‘commandment(s)’, and address how gaining COVID immunity is our latent ability.

Corinthians makes it esoterically obvious that John 13-34 is not referring to loving every person in the world with human emotional love as such.

Rather, due to the inherited ‘natural man/mortal mind’ standard, John 13–34 is totally about individual change, transformation — a caterpillar-butterfly-like metamorphosis. And, as we shall see, this ‘change’ changes everything beyond the ‘natural man/mortal mind’ status – ‘man’ being symbolism for ‘mind’. Spreekillers

Due to accumulations of natural man transgressions — prior to spiritual awakening — direct conscious relationship with God was not possible. But now, ‘new commandment’ reveals precisely how spiritual man/mind is come upon, realized as direct perception in consciousness; how this inner change changes the entire physiology from ‘natural’ to spiritual, base metal to gold, mortal to immortal, now, in this incarnation, and that once come upon, the status is never lost.

Commandments, while seeming as ten separate dictates, represent universal laws, the innumerable never-changing laws of nature, which never-changing laws are responsible for the ever-changing phenomenal world, and the evolution of all creation’. ‘New commandment’ thus is not an addition to the familiar Ten Commandments, rather, is one and the same incorporate Whole.

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