Fitness Motivation for the Bold

One thing that you will have to do is exposing yourself to healthy and fit people, if you are an athlete then it will be necessary for you to train with athletes of your caliber or even better. If you’ve never been fit all your life, then you’d better visit a park or a health club where people are working out. Advertisementpro

For the sake of your fitness motivation, I want to emphasize that there is no absolute solution to your success. You will have to sit down with at least two books every month, and living out what’s inside the book. Test that knowledge against what you know about the subject matter, and then practice it! While doing this remember to document everything for your future review, and it also acts as a record, for you to clearly see that you were productive.

If you think that you know everything about training your abdominal muscles, legs, arms or any other aspect of your health and fitness, then you are in for a rude shock. Why you wonder!, the reason is you are no longer coachable once you take up such a spirit. There are some people out there who cannot be successful with their personal fitness trainers because they constantly challenge their trainers or always suggesting what should be done. At the end of the workout session, the trainer is drained and they lack the necessary fitness inspiration for the next workout session. Then there those who think that working out or watching their nutrition is a bad thing. This is ridiculous! Advertisementpro

Here is the hard truth: Those of us who refuse to exercise or eat right, are basically saying that they don’t see the point, and unless something really awful happens, such as developing high blood pressure, only then will they start paying attention to exercise and nutrition. It doesn’t take a tragedy for you to change your mind. To those who are skeptical I urge them to visit their local hospital on a regular basis, for about three months. The amount of exposure you will get will be overbearing-and I can confidently say that, you will be a different person. This is your journey, nobody is forcing you to do anything, but don’t let awful conditions force you to change your ways.

 You fitness inspiration will shoot up to the skies the moment you come to God, your father. Talk to him and ask him to teach you something. You will be amazed! No longer will you be expressing words such as

“Well, in our family we’re just fat”. Instead you will be uttering words such as “the lord is my constant, instant and abundant supplier”. So that even if you don’t enjoy working out in a traditional fitness center.

You will discover other enjoyable physical activities that will greatly enrich your life.

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